Welcome to BakeKing Home

We are a baking ingredients supply company in Kenya. We provide premium and high-quality ingredients to home bakers and Families. We also aim to educate and empower home-bakers with the skills they need to produce quality products in a cost-effective way by the use of our ingredients.
Thus, Baking Like a pro slogan.

Our premixes are packed in 2kg resealable packs.

Cake and Muffin Premixes

Premium High-Quality Premixes for all types of muffins and pound cakes. High Volume, Moist, and Creamy Cake Products full of Flavour

Pancake and Waffle Mix

Unbeatable value of delicious indulgence, premium quality, and super efficiency.

Cake Concentrates Premixes

Premium High-Quality Premix Concentrates. Super Efficient, Cost Saving, and Unbeatable Value. A baker’s wishlist!

Eggless Cake and Sponge

Quality Tasty Cake Mix for all your Eggless Cake products.

Sponges Premixes

Superior fluffy, High Volume and Super Moist for all Forest and Sponge Cake

Eggless Brownie

Egg-free, Unbelievably delicious. A Brownie as it should be….. Rich, Chocolaty and Sticky