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Vanilla Cake & Muffin Mix 500g


Super soft moist sponge cake

  • Just add egg and water.
  • Easy-to-make.
  • Perfect for layered cakes.
  • Tip; To make Swiss Rolls, replace the water with an equivalent amount of eggs.
  • Ideal for; Standard forest cakes and other layered cake combinations.
  • For delicious easy DIY recipes visit https://bit.ly/3EtbT9D
  • Youtube channel: https://bit.ly/3po59ni


BakeKing Home Premixes are premium baking mixes that only requires water and oil. It enables bakers to produce top notch quality products; which are high volume, soft and creamy.

  • Easy to use. Reduced mixing time. Easy baking recipes.
  • Airy, moist, soft, and creamy cakes
  • Cost-effective, premium quality, efficient and convenient. Makes business sense for home bakers
  • Brings out the fun, joy in baking
  • Bake like a pro!
  • Follow our easy to bake standard recipe at the back of your pack

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